Welcome to the NetBSD projects central!

This page contains a non-exhaustive list of project proposals that either immediately benefit NetBSD or are of general interest to NetBSD and the Open Source Community. Most of the projects listed here have at least one NetBSD developer who has expressed interest and would be willing to assist/oversee the implementation to a certain degree.

If you are interested in working on any of these projects, please contact the mailing list referenced next to each item, and possibly answer as many questions from our application as possible. The interested developers will be glad to respond to you there.

Some of the projects have timing estimates. Times are estimated conservatively, for a single person working full time on the project. An experienced developer, with knowledge of the changed subsystem/area of code, will probably be able to complete the project in half or less of the estimated time. As with all estimates, they might be wrong though -- in both directions. Other projects include more research or have no hard target for other reasons. For these projects no estimate is given.

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