1. Google Code-In (GCI)

Google Code-In (GCI)

Google Code-In is a project like Google Summer Of Code. But this time, there are not university students, but 13-17 years old people the targeted audience. Previous Code-In organisations:

Code-In differs from Summer Of Code also in not having a single task for one student, but creating a large number of tasks and then having the students pick the ones they want to work on. Thus, it is not suited for large projects, but for small tasks like writing howtos, fixing bugs.

All the tasks should be completable within hours or up to three days. To get an idea of how much a single task should be and what kind of they could be, look at Examples of Google Code-in Tasks page.

For more information about Google Code-in please read the Getting Started Guide and Google Code-in 2016 Contest Rules.

For any questions please reach us in #netbsd-code IRC channel at!

NetBSD participated in Code-In 2012. You can find the results here. The status of integrating Code-In's work to NetBSD can also be read there.

Goals as stated by Google

  1. Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
  2. Documentation/Training: Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
  3. Outreach/Research: Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
  4. Quality Assurance: Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality
  5. User Interface: Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction


There were some tasks left, and there might be more ideas over the following year to participate in Code-In 2016 again.

Used tags

If you want to search for a tag, just search this site for "Tag: $TAGNAME". Used tags are (categories are not tagged):




Quality Assurance


User interface, user experience