If you plan to apply to work on any of the projects listed in this site, you should start by sending an email to the contact points listed at the top of every project description. The purpose of this email is to introduce yourself to the NetBSD community if you are new to it, and to explain in a great level of detail how you will work on the project (e.g. the overall plan, milestones, schedule, etc.) This is particularly important if the project is up for funding or if it is a Google Summer of Code project.

The sections below include a guideline on the kind of information we are interested in hearing in your initial communication. The level of detail involved will depend on how how familiar you are with the NetBSD Project and the developer community.

If you are a newcomer (e.g. you are a Google Summer of Code student that has just installed NetBSD for the first time), you are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible. If you are an old-timer, however, you can skip the most obvious questions and focus on preparing a detailed project specification instead.

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