IMPORTANT: This project was completed by Tomohiro Kusumi <> (a port from DragonFlyBSD which was a port from FreeBSD). You may still contact the people above for details, but please do not submit an application for this project.

NetBSD currently uses amd for automatically mounting (network) file systems. This software package implements an automounter file system as a userland NFS daemon. While this generally works it has major drawbacks:

The milestones of this project are:

There are at least two possible approaches: one is to port FreeBSD's autofs(4), which is an in-kernel file system. This has the advantage of already existing, and being at least loosely Linux and Solaris compatible. (One could also write a new autofs but that doesn't seem like a dominant strategy.)

Another possible approach is a new userland daemon using puffs.

Note that automount configuration is a complex and largely unsolved problem. While it's desirable to be compatible with existing automounter configuration (because often organizations like to distribute automounter maps through NIS or other facilities) it's also desirable to have a simple, comprehensible, and cogent configuration scheme and these desires are rather at odds.