IMPORTANT: This project was completed by riz. You may still contact the people above for details, but please do not submit an application for this project.

Amazon Web Services offers virtual hosts on demand via its Amazon Elastic Comput Cloud (or EC2). Users can run a number of operating systems via so-called "Amazon Machine Images" (AMIs), currently including various Linux flavors and OpenSolaris, but not NetBSD.

This project would entail developing a NetBSD "AMI" and providing an easy step-by-step guide to create custom NetBSD AMIs. The difficulty of this is estimated to not be very high, as prior work in this direction exists (instructions for creating a FreeBSD AMI, for example, are available). Depending on the progress, we may adjust the final goals -- possibilities include adding necessary (though optional) glue to the release process to create official AMIs for each release or to provide images with common applications pre-installed.

See also: this thread on the port-xen mailing list as well as this page.