1. Install All Utilities
  2. Setup
    1. Pre-requisites
  3. Third Party Applications
    1. ALSA Applications
    2. Amarok (audio/amarok)
    3. Audacious (audio/audacious)
    4. Audacity (audio/audacity)
    5. ESOUND Applications
    6. Flash Player (multimedia/ns-flash)
    7. GNOME
    8. GStreamer Applications
    9. iaxComm
    10. KDE
    11. libao Applications
    12. MPD (audio/musicpd)
    13. MPlayer (multimedia/mplayer)
    14. MPlayer plug-in (multimedia/mplayer-plugin-*)
    15. MythTV (wip/mythtv)
    16. OpenAL Applications
    17. OSS Applications
    18. SDL (devel/SDL)
    19. Skype (net/skype)
    20. Teeworlds
    21. TiMidity++ (audio/timidity)
    22. Totem (multimedia/totem)
    23. VideoLAN (multimedia/vlc)
    24. wavbreaker
    25. WINE (emulators/wine)
    26. Xine
    27. XMMS

Install All Utilities

Install meta-pkgs/pulseaudio-tools.



pulseaudio needs dbus to run. So if it's not running already:

cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/dbus /etc/rc.d
echo dbus=YES >> /etc/rc.conf

Third Party Applications

ALSA Applications

Ignore on NetBSD?

Amarok (audio/amarok)

Install audio/xine-pulse, select Xine engine and 'pulseaudio' backend.

Audacious (audio/audacious)

Not tested.

Audacity (audio/audacity)

'padsp' method works. 'pasuspender' crashes the daemon on resume (will be fixed in 0.9.15)

ESOUND Applications

Create symlink manually:

 mkdir -p /tmp/.esd && ln -s /tmp/.esd-${UID} /tmp/.esd/sound

Flash Player (multimedia/ns-flash)

Install multimedia/libflashsupport-pulse on i386 and amd64. Flash 7 on sparc not tested.


Works via GStreamer.

GStreamer Applications

Install audio/gst-plugins0.10-pulse.


Not in pkgsrc.


pulseaudio crashes in protocol-esound.c:do_work(). Probably the same bug as pa#463.

libao Applications

Install audio/libao-pulse.

MPD (audio/musicpd)

Compile musicpd with the default-off pulseaudio option enabled.

Configure a matching audio_output section in mpd.conf:

audio_output {
    type            "pulse"
    name            "Pulseaudio"

MPlayer (multimedia/mplayer)

pulseaudio support added in 1.0rc10nb12 and works.

$ mplayer -ao pulse myvideo.avi

or add the line


to .mplayer/config.

If you have audio/video sync problems, you can modify the sync with the plus ('+') and minus ('-') keys.

MPlayer plug-in (multimedia/mplayer-plugin-*)

Not tested, but should work as described.

MythTV (wip/mythtv)

WIP package is obsolete and does not build on NetBSD.

OpenAL Applications

Not tested, but should work as described.

OSS Applications

'padsp' works.

SDL (devel/SDL)

1.2.12 in pkgsrc. Works fine.

Skype (net/skype)

Not tested.


Not in pkgsrc.

TiMidity++ (audio/timidity)

Works via libao -- install timidity-2.13.2nb10 and libao-pulse.

Totem (multimedia/totem)

Works via GStreamer.

VideoLAN (multimedia/vlc)

0.9.8a in pkgsrc, pulseaudio supported. Not tested, but should work as described.


Not in pkgsrc.

WINE (emulators/wine)

Not tested.


Install audio/xine-pulse.


xmms-pulse not in pkgsrc; xmms-esound works, but can crash pulseaudio.

1.A way to know which audio device to select: $ audiocfg -list

2.The line 'load-module module-detect' in /usr/pkg/etc/pulse/ must be commented.

Comment by florentflamion Thursday evening, July 14th, 2016