There will be a NetBSD developer summit the day before EuroBSDCon in Paris this year:

Friday, 2017-09-22, 9:00 at 21 rue du Bouloi, Arolla room (NB! not at the conference venue).

Planning to attend?

First Last login@ comment(s)
Joerg Sonnenberger joerg@ moderating
Leonardo Taccari leot@
Alexander Nasonov alnsn@ afternoon only
Stephen Borrill sborrill@
S.P.Zeidler spz afternoon only
Michael van Elst mlelstv afternoon only
Stoned Elipot seb I will be there from 8:30AM ;-)
Adrian Steinmann ast@
Pierre Pronchery khorben@
Valery Ushakov uwe@
Martin Husemann martin@
Benny Siegert bsiegert@
Bernd Ernesti veego@

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title Slides
joerg@ News from the version control front
uwe@ Scripting DDB with Forth
bsiegert@ NetBSD on Google Compute Engine