There will be a NetBSD developer summit the day before EuroBSDCon in Stockholm this year:

Friday, 2015-10-02, at:

Tulegatan 11, 3rd floor,
Stockholm, Sweeden


Times are not fixed yet, but assume 10:00 to 16:00 for now. Lunch at either at 11:00 or 13:00 (in-between those hours it's too crowded), assume it'll be 13:00. Restaurants nearby offers the following courses: American (hamburgers), Indian, Italian (pasta, pizza), Junk food (McDonalds etc.), Korean, Persian, Japanese (sushi etc), Swedish plain food, Thai, Turkish (kebab), Vegan (every good). Lunch costs around 70kr-130kr (Swedish kronas).

NetBSD Dinner

We plan to join the SUNET monthly beer event after the main summit, and later either split up for different meal preferences (optionally meeting again later for more beverages), or, if we can find a place and get enough votes for this option, try to organize a group dinner at some restaurant. Please enter your choice and optional meal preferences in the attandents table below.

With the current amount of attendees that wants a joint dinner, it's fewer alternatives that have space for all of us. Joint dinner suggestion: Persian , excellent grilled food / stews, ok sized portions, good vegetarian alternatives, low noise level (the complete opposite to an irish pub), and little bit more expensive. Their dinner menu is only available in Swedish, see for what they have to offer.

Planning to attend?

First Last login@ prefer group dinner? meal preferences Saturday social? comment(s)
Martin Husemann martin yes eating everything tasty yes
Fredrik Pettai pettai yes rather quality than quantity
Mateusz Kocielski shm yes none yes
Justin Cormack justin yes none
Marc Balmer mbalmer yes same as pettai
Tobias Nygren tnn yes
Julian Coleman jdc yes vegetarian yes
Niclas Rosenvik nros yes none
Anders Magnusson ragge yes same as Marc
Stephen Borrill sborrill yes local beer would be nice no
Havard Eidnes he yes no particulars no
Valery Ushakov uwe yes no
S.P. Zeidler spz yes yes
Michael van Elst mlelstv yes yes
Alexander Nasonov alnsn no yes
Andreas Gustafsson gson yes no
Jörg Sonnenberger joerg yes eating everything tasty yes
Bernd Ernesti veego yes same as ragge yes Not joining the beer event
Adrian Steinmann ast yes Yes, I'll taste that yes
Taylor Campbell riastradh yes vegetarian no?
Masao Uebayashi uebayasi yes none yes

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title Slides
login@ Very Interesting Thing
pettai@ Welcome, housekeeping etc.
martin@ releng status update
joerg@ clang status update
ragge@ PCC internals
msaitoh@ IIJ's work (over video conf)
gson@ The NetBSD test stack
riastradh@ random stuff...
ast@ pivot_root quo vadis?
pettai@ Something security related... howto bootstrap the ePass2003 smartcard