The NetBSD developer summit at EuroBSDCon 2014 will be held Friday, September 26, 14:15. It will be followed by a whole bunch of NetBSD developers joining the official dinner, where there will be a table reserved for NetBSD developers.

N.B.: this year's conference will feature lots of NetBSD- and rumpkernel-related talks!

NOTE: NetBSD Dinner v.s. official organized dinner confusion: they are now the same!

After some initial confusion the conference organization committee suggested the NetBSD dinner should be a NetBSD table at the official organized dinner, which solves some confusion with registration and also gives us organized transfers.

So if you have already registered for the official dinner, everything is fine. If not, you will be able to pay cash at the event.

Planning to attend?

First Last login@ join dinner? comment(s)
Martin Husemann martin yes
Thomas Klausner wiz yes
S.P.Zeidler spz yes will probably be a bit late
Michael van Elst mlelstv yes will probably be a bit late
Taylor R Campbell riastradh yes
Justin Cormack justin yes
Julian Coleman jdc yes
Stephen Borrill sborrill yes
Adrian Steinmann ast yes
Valery Ushakov uwe yes
Yann Sionneau yes will probably be a bit late
Bernd Ernesti veego yes
Pierre Pronchery khorben yes
Luke Mewburn lukem yes will miss summit, dinner only
Jaap Boender jaapb yes
Julio Merino jmmv no will be around; may sneak into the sessions
Christoph Badura bad yes
Lourival Vieira Neto lneto yes
Marc Balmer mbalmer yes Vera will also join the dinner
Joerg Sonnenberger joerg
Jaap Boender
Alexander Nasonov alnsn

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title
login@ Very Interesting Thing