We will try to organise a NetBSD (and pkgsrc) summit at the EuroBSDCon 2022 in Vienna. After a longer break and remote event, this will be an in-person event. The EuroBSDCon take place from September 15-18, 2022 in Vienna.

Additional details about the conference could be found at the official website:

We met on the day 2 of Tutorials (16 September 2022) in the room reserved for Track 2 (room 2B).

The stream was performed and announced by @BSDTV on Twitter at

NetBSD Dinner

Table reserved at ra’mien, Gumpendorferstr. 9, 1060 Wien on Friday, September 16, at 19h.

Planning to attend?

Please add yourself to the table so it helps everybody for planing the event.

First Last login@ join dinner? comment(s)
Benny bsiegert@ yes n/a
Jörg joerg@ yes
Pierre khorben@ yes
Maya maya@ yes -
Nia nia@ vegan options? definitely -
Taylor riastradh@ yes -
Stephen sborrill@ yes -
Thomas wiz@ yes
Adrian ast@ yes

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title
bsiegert@ Go is in trouble - on recent changes about the Go platorm policy and persistent, hard-to-diagnose bugs in NetBSD and/or the Go platform support
khorben@ BSD Driver Harmony - on an initiative to bring the (major) BSD projects closer in terms of driver development and maintenance [Slides (PDF)]
nia@ NetBSD 10: 3 Years in the Making - attempt to explore notable new features, how the sausage is made in releng, instability during the process, and community disputes, compromises (plus, you know the good parts)


Debugging suspend/resume or graphics failures

Blockers for NetBSD 10

Other issues with -current

Ideas for NetBSD 11


  1. PGP Key signing or is that going out of style? - ast@