We will try to organise a NetBSD (and pkgsrc) summit at the EuroBSDCon 2022 in Vienna. After a longer break and remote event, this will be an in-person event. The EuroBSDCon take place from September 15-18, 2022 in Vienna.

Additional details about the conference could be found at the official website:

At the moment of writing there is no schedule, time and date discussed of the summit.

NetBSD Dinner

We plan some dinner at one of the evening(s). Place, date and time will be announced later.

Planning to attend?

Please add yourself to the table so it helps everybody for planing the event.

First Last login@ join dinner? comment(s)
Thomas tm@ yes
Nia nia@ vegan options?
Jörg joerg@ yes

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title
nia@ NetBSD 10: 3 Years in the Making - attempt to explore notable new features, how the sausage is made in releng, instability during the process, and community disputes, compromises (plus, you know the good parts)
tm@ CPE information in pkgsrc - open discussion if adding CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) information to pkgsrc is helpful and how it could improve pkgsrc-security (or not)