Latest Xen versions come with a number of features that are currently not supported by NetBSD: USB/VGA passthrough, RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) options - CPU and memory hotpluging - , Fault tolerancy with Remus, and debugging with gdbx (lightweight debugger included with Xen).

The purpose of this project is to add the missing parts inside NetBSD. Most of the work is composed of smaller components that can be worked on independently from others.

NetBSD is also missing an important Xen interface, the Grant table device for allowing user-space tools to interact with memory. I think it's quite important to get this into future NetBSD releases, since some features depend on that (like qemu), maybe it will we worth adding a GSoC project for that task (although I don't know how hard it is).
Comment by Roger early Monday morning, February 27th, 2012