NetBSD Dom0 kernels currently operate in fully PV mode. On amd64, this has the same performance drawbacks as for PV mode in domU. Instead, PVH mode provides a HVM container over pagetable management, while virtualising everything else. This mode is available on dom0, we attempt to support it.

Note: Xen/Linux is moving to this dom0 pvh support model.

Deliverables: PVH mode dom0 operation.


This project depends on the domU pvops/pvh project. The main work is in configuration and testing related (bringing in native device drivers as well as backend ones).

The bootstrap path may need to be tweaked for dom0 specific things.

Dependencies: This project depends on completion of the domU pvops/pvh project. This project can enable the NetBSD/Xen/ARM dom0 port.

See http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_Project_Hypervisor_Roadmap/4.6