pkgsrc is NetBSD's native package building system. It's also used on other platforms, such as illumos. It includes numerous graphical environments, including Xfce, MATE, and LXQt, but support for Enlightenment has since bitrotted and been largely removed. Support for its related fork Moksha is missing entirely.

Enlightenment is partiuclarly interesting for NetBSD because it's lightweight, BSD licensed, and suitable for mobile applications. We're not sure about the benefits of Moksha over Enlightenment proper, but it's worth investigating.

Since Enlightenment is written in C, the applicant should ideally have a basic understanding of C and Unix system APIs. In order for the port not to bit-rot in the future, it should be done well, with patches integrated upstream where possible. They should have a laptop with NetBSD installed (older laptops are likely more representative of typical NetBSD uses and can be picked up cheap from local auctions sites).

Integrating Enlightenment into pkgsrc will require a knowledge of build systems and make (pkgsrc in particuar is built on top of BSD make).