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NetBSD developers maintain GitHub presence at

GitHub NetBSD org membership

Anyone with a account is eligible for an invitation to our organisation on GitHub; email your and login names to cnst@ and/or joerg@. Once an invitation is furnished by GitHub, it must be accepted by the recipient. In order to publicly show your affiliation with the NetBSD organisation on GitHub, you must also toggle the organisation visibility setting from Private to Public (this membership setting affects public visibility both on your own public profile page as well as within the public page; the default is Private, and it cannot be toggled to Public by the owners of the org).

Official repositories on GitHub

The src, xsrc and pkgsrc repositories, each as a read-only copy, have been available under since 2017-06:

History and Technical Details

Prior to 2017-06, an earlier generation of the export has been available under since 2011-07, which has been deprecated and discontinued in 2017-07 with the move to @NetBSD.

The export is maintained by joerg@ and performed through an intermediate step of converting the repositories from CVS into Fossil with cvs2fossil, which has been the process since 2011:

The core team has provided a statement on version control systems in 2015:

The pkgsrc repository has adopted a GitHub-friendly commit message policy in 2017, limiting the first line of the message to 65 characters:


Additionally, an independent export of the src tree from CVS directly into Git is performed by IIJ at

GitHub Forks



The day MS exerted control over Github, things went south there, and developers started to flee like hostages from the hub, and for good reason. Before long, MS had killed tons of accounts never ever stating any reasons, just as usual with M$, seemingly. Therefore, people quit github in droves even more so, and justifiedly so.

Ever since, MS has hyperagressively enforced more disruptive policy changes against the userbase of

Why NetBSD still plays the MS game, is beyond many open source enthusiasts. Do they enjoy this kind of abuse by the side of MS ?

Comment by sigo in the wee hours of Friday night, September 12th, 2020