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About NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port>

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Release Info

Mailing List

<TMPL_IF port_alt> The NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port_alt> mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to <TMPL_VAR port_alt> machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

<TMPL_ELSE> The NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to <TMPL_VAR port> machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

</TMPL_IF> Mail the NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> port maintainer

<TMPL_IF supported_hardware>

Supported Hardware

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<TMPL_IF unsupported_hardware>

Unsupported Hardware

<TMPL_VAR unsupported_hardware> </TMPL_IF>

<TMPL_IF additional>

Additional Info

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Ports page template

The port template is used to make the ports pages very easy

It supports the following parameters:


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