This project proposal is a subtask of smp networking and is elegible for funding independently.

The goal of this project is to implement continuations at the kernel level. Most of the pieces are already available in the kernel, so this can be reworded as: combine callouts, softints, and workqueues into a single framework. Continuations are meant to be cheap; very cheap.

Please note that the main goal of this project is to simplify the implementation of SMP networking, so care must be taken in the design of the interface to support all the features required for this other project.

The proposed interface looks like the following. This interface is mostly derived from the callout(9) API and is a superset of the softint(9) API. The most significant change is that workqueue items are not tied to a specific kernel thread.

Maybe you should explain a bit more what is a Continuations.
Comment by Louis Philippe late Sunday evening, November 27th, 2011
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