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About NetBSD/sparc64

NetBSD/sparc64 is a NetBSD port to Sun's 64-bit UltraSPARC machines. The first binary release for sparc64 was NetBSD 1.5. NetBSD/sparc64 supports many systems, including Sbus-based UltraSPARC systems and PCI-based UltraSPARC systems using UltraSPARC I, II, IIi, IIe, III, and IIIi CPU types.

NetBSD/sparc64 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels. A 32-bit kernel runs all NetBSD/sparc binaries. A 64-bit kernel runs 64-bit binaries, and has support for running most 32-bit binaries as well, with the exception of some low level kernel groveling tools.

Martin Husemann is the maintainer for NetBSD/sparc64.

Release Info

Mailing List

The NetBSD/sparc64 mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to sparc64 machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

Mail the NetBSD/sparc64 port maintainer

Supported Hardware

Clones based on any of these systems should also work

Sbus-based UltraSPARC I or II systems

PCI-based UltraSPARC II, IIi, IIe, III or IIIi systems

All on-board and most optional Sun brand framebuffers

Additional hardware

Unsupported Hardware

Additional Info

For frequently asked questions and links to Sun hardware information, see the NetBSD/sparc64 FAQ.