Discovered while trying to debug a template of plunky's:

When web-editing a template, clicking "Save Page" always results in ikiwiki thinking a page-editing conflict occurred. It's not related to HTML::Template tags, because I can put a template's contents into some other page, verbatim, with no errors.

Joey and I can't reproduce with a git-backed wiki. It's probably a bug with the CVS backend. He suggests two possibilities:

  1. cvs commit is really failing
  2. rcs_commit does not return undef when it does return unless cvs_is_controlling

Something odd happened to me just now, web-editing hook up wiki commits to www-changes@ with SPNEGO. I added a line, clicked Preview, then clicked Save Page and got the spurious conflict. However, after clicking Cancel, the edit was indeed there. This may or may not be the same problem.

And the same thing happened to the above edit. Now trying kdestroy and plain HTTP auth.

There were two reasons cvs update wasn't silent: the blog directory where ikiwiki's aggregator stashes blog entries, and a "note" template marked for Add but not yet added. I've added the former to .cvsignore and committed the latter. Will this web edit be spurious conflict-free?

Yes, it was. That narrows it down a bit for when I've got time to fix this properly. --schmonz

Very likely caused by the CGI not running setgid netbsd until now. --schmonz