This wiki was not originally intended to be a replacement for, but given let non-developers contribute content and ?zafer's backing, it's becoming clear that we can and should aim for that target.

There's a lot of content in's MediaWiki. Some of it (but not all) is quite good. schmonz and others feel very strongly that all content worth migrating from must be reviewed by a knowledgeable developer before committing to wikisrc. For content that is already of high quality, this shouldn't take long.

There's more than one way to easily import MediaWiki content into ikiwiki:

  1. Install a third-party input format plugin to process content in MediaWiki format
  2. Import MediaWiki content into git

schmonz doesn't like the first option. While expedient, it's not expedient enough to justify the cost: supporting more than one formatting syntax makes editing harder in the long run. Let's do the work up front and keep life as easy as possible for wiki participants. Assuming the second option works, we'll need to adapt it for CVS.

If we can't get our hands on the MediaWiki source, a tool like textproc/py-html2text could help convert the rendered HTML (see below) to Markdown.

There's on-going conversion project, some information is extracted on demand from available snapshot. Volunteers may contact asau.

Things to be done:

  1. Review articles.
  2. There were many useless articles that were either trivial or repeated manual pages.
  3. Remove useless articles, remove other useless files from snapshot (see below).
  4. Tell me what is to be removed, and I'll update snapshot.
  5. Find out what is to be moved to our official (or soon-to-be official) wiki.