1. cvs checkout wiki.netbsd.org:/home/pkgwiki/pkgsrc-wiki.cvs
  2. cvs checkout wiki.netbsd.org:/cvsroot
  3. (./) Enable ikiwiki's localstyle plugin
  4. (./) Copy pkgsrc-wiki's local.css into wikisrc/pkgsrc
  5. (./) Catch up our custom page.tmpl to the basewiki's so localstyle works
    • XXX more divergence than that; catch up and try to minimize
  6. Figure out how to apply the pkgsrc.org logo and header-links template to everything under wikisrc/pkgsrc/
    • We can wrap a single page in a custom template like so
    • We can modify templates for entire subtrees, but only outside wikisrc
    • Can we do it with CSS?
  7. Where do we put the pages that are currently under pkgsrc/?
  8. Repo-copy content from pkgsrc-wiki to wikisrc/pkgsrc/)
  9. Preview at http://wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/
  10. Add links to the pages that had already been under pkgsrc/
  11. Move pkgwiki's cron jobs to wiki's
  12. Point {www.,}pkgsrc.org at that HTML directory
  13. Figure out how to leave the "Edit" links off the top-level wikisrc/pkgsrc/ page and maybe some others, so that non-developers won't be able to edit them