Seriously. It's easy and fine once the "add new page" goo is in a page. But I am surprised there's not an easier way to simply add a page below any given existing page.

P.S. Muahaha! I control your TODO list! Fear the wiki, for with it comes an ever-growing list of tasks assigned to you by me!

P.P.S. Orange :(


The usual way assumes you'll want any new page to be linked from somewhere. Add a WikiLink to the page you want to create, and then it should be easy enough. Note that when creating a page you often have several choices of where in the hierarchy you want it to go; for how this works, see LinkingRules. --schmonz

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done --schmonz

I've added a postform to the front page for good measure. --schmonz

I've added "New" to the wiki action bar for really good measure. --schmonz