Some template requires ikiwiki cgi mode. If you setup ikiwiki with cgi mode, you can ignore cgi part of ikiwiki for previewing your changes.

Getting wikisrc

To preview your changes, wikisrc is needed. See cvs page, or get wikisrc CVS repository with rsync, and checkout from it (wikisrc is hosted on with rsync).

Assuming that your wikisrc tree is in /usr/cvs/wikisrc.

Installing ikiwiki engine

$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki
$ make install clean

Setting up ikiwiki with cgi mode

page.tmpl requires cgi support (it has HAVE_ACTIONS conditionals)

Prepare destination directory

$ mkdir ~/public_html

Build html files

$ ikiwiki --verbose /usr/cvs/wikisrc ~/public_html/wikisrc \
  --url=http://localhost/~user-user-name/wikisrc \
  --cgiurl http://localhost/~your-user-name/wikisrc/ikiwiki.cgi \
  --plugin goodstuff --plugin websetup

Dump setup file for shorter commandline

$ ikiwiki --verbose /usr/cvs/wikisrc ~/public_html/wikisrc \
  --url=http://localhost/~your-user-name/wikisrc --cgiurl \
  http://localhost/~your-user-name/wikisrc/ikiwiki.cgi \
  --plugin goodstuff --plugin websetup \
  --dumpsetup ~/wikisrc.setup

Please note that wikisrc.setup configuration file will be reused to refresh and rebuild the wiki in the next sections with a shorter commandline.

Setting up bozohttpd webserver

Put the following line to your /etc/inetd.conf. This line enables per-user directories.

http    stream  tcp nowait:600  _httpd  /usr/libexec/httpd  httpd -u /var/www

Additionally, if you have disabled inetd, please enable it.

$ vi /etc/rc.conf

and put


to it.

Previewing wikisrc

Open http://localhost/~your-user-name/wikisrc in your web browser.

Rebuild the difference

$ ikiwiki --refresh -setup ~/wikisrc.setup

Rebuild all pages from scratch

$ ikiwiki --rebuild -setup ~/wikisrc.setup