Getting access

We want your help! Send your OpenID of choice to "" (and Cc: ""). We'll get you set up with basic write privileges.

What am I allowed to do?

Every page on this wiki consists of two sections. The latter (called "Discussion") is entirely at your disposal. Write an entire howto, critique or tweak someone else's, or provide corrections or suggestions about the page. NetBSD developers can edit both sections. If your changes are good, they'll be incorporated into the main body of the page -- or, if you wrote a document from scratch, into a page of its own.

Why not full write privileges?

Until now, NetBSD project resources have been writable exclusively by developers. In a way, that's exactly what being a developer means. It's fundamental to our project infrastructure, and it's fundamental to why you're able to trust the software we publish. This wiki is the first exception to the rule. No way around it, we have to be careful.

At the same time, it's a wiki, and this is NetBSD -- we want to be as inclusive as we responsibly can. Anyone with an OpenID can play. Instead of a simplistic comment system, you get full control over Discussions, each of which is a wiki page. When you make an edit, your change is committed to "wikisrc". A commit message goes out to "", attributed to you, the same as it would for a developer.

As a starting point, we feel pretty good about this. We hope you do too, and we hope you feel welcome to contribute. Because you are.