Security Vulnerability Reference List

Affected files, fix dates for specific releases and fixed versions can be found through the 'Fixed in Releases' link.

Identifier Topic Impact Fixed in HEAD Fixed in Releases Advisory
CVE-2010-3613 BIND DoS due to improper handling of RRSIG records remote DoS 20101202 20110123 2011-001
CVE-2011-0014 OpenSSL TLS extension parsing race condition DoS, info leak 20110211 20110217 2011-002
- Exhausting kernel memory from user controlled value local DoS 20110304 ?20110307 2011-003
CVE-2011-1547 Kernel stack overflow via nested IPCOMP packet remote DoS 20110401 ?20110403 2011-004
CVE-2011-0997 ISC dhclient environment sanitizing remote script execution 20110406 ?20110407 2011-005
CVE-2011-2464 BIND DoS via packet with rrtype zero remote DoS 20110706 ?20110716 2011-006
CVE-2011-2895 LZW decoding loop on manipulated compressed files DoS, info leak 20110816 ?20110819 2011-007
CVE-2011-4122 OpenPAM privilege escalation privilege escalation 20111109 ?20111119 2011-008
CVE-2011-4313 BIND resolver DoS remote DoS 20111116 ?20111120 2011-009
CVE-2011-4862 telnetd unchecked encryption key length remote code execution 20111223 ?20111231
CVE-2010-1166 incorrect macro definition in Xrender auth user DoS + remote code execution 20111230 ?20120101