Drinks: Doric Arch


Dinner: Edinboro Castle


Benny Siegert: "BulkTracker"

Side discussion with Youri and Calum

Lightning talks

David Brownlee: "Pretty tabular data without much effort"

Youri Mouton: pkgsrc for new developers

Jaap Boender: OCaml packages

Justin Cormack: cross-compiling

[anonymous]: Mac OS X powerpc

Matthias Scheler: world's best ISP

Sebastian Wiedenroth: merging trivial fixes

S.P. Zeidler: packaging for TNF servers

Stephen Borrill: building products with NetBSD and pkgsrc

Amitai Schlair: "pkgsrc design goals"

Dinner: Gourmet Garden




Integrate joerg's C wrappers

  1. hg clone ssh://
  2. Figure out how to get pkgsrc to use them
  3. Commit on a branch
  4. Do one bulk build on HEAD and one on your branch
  5. Let's see how it went

Fix pkgtools/pkg_regress tests

  1. The one that was still passing, do we believe that? Can we make it break?
  2. The ones that are failing, can we understand them and make them pass?
  3. Let's think of something else worth testing and write a new test for it
  4. Do we feel good about adding more such tests and encouraging everyone to do so? If not, what do we need to improve before we do that?


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