This article shows how to update pkgsrc/www/firefox package to latest release. You can use Mozilla's Mercurial (hg) repositories to track upstream changes.

You should have pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/pkg_developer package.

Clone hg tree


You should follow "Using Bookmarks to Manage Multiple Repositories from a Single Clone" section.

Update trees to latest

$ hg pull central
$ hg pull inbound
$ hg pull aurora
$ hg pull beta
$ hg pull release

$ hg update

Checkout last release source, and create your branch

Find latest release.

$ hg branches | grep 2901
GECKO2901_2014050617_RELBRANCH 207485:3fd2b5510ccf

Checkout the branch.

$ hg checkout GECKO2901_2014050617_RELBRANCH

Create named branch for applying pkgsrc patches

$ hg branch pkgsrc_firefox-29.0.1
$ hg commit -m "Create pkgsrc_firefox-29.0.1 branch for applying pkgsrc patches"

Add .*.orig$ to .hgignore, and commit this change

$ hg commit -m "Ignore .orig files" .hgignore

Apply pkgsrc patches

$ pushd /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox
$ mkpatches -c
$ popd
$ cat /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox/patches/patch-*|patch -p0
$ hg add ...(necessary files)
$ hg commit -m "Apply pkgsrc patches for firefox-29.0.1nb2"

Checkout latest beta source, and create your branch

Find latest branch.

$ hg branches | grep 300b9
GECKO300b9_2014052918_RELBRANCH 199964:b7037f050049

Checkout the branch.

$ hg checkout GECKO300b9_2014052918_RELBRANCH

Create named branch for working.

$ hg branch ryoon_firefox-30.0b9
$ hg commit -m "Create ryoon_firefox-30.0 branch for applying freebsd-gecko patches"

Add .*.orig$ to .hgignore, and commit this change

$ hg commit -m "Ignore .orig files" .hgignore

Apply patches from freebsd-gecko

$ cat ~/repos/freebsd-gecko/trunk/www/firefox/files/patch-*|patch -p0

Fix rejected patches manually

$ hg status | grep rej$
$ vi path/to/a/certain/file.c

Commit the patches

$ hg add (necessary files)
$ hg commit -m "Apply freebsd-gecko patches for firefox-30.0"

Merge your patches

$ hg merge pkgsrc_firefox-29.0.1
$ hg resolve -l
$ vi file/marked/as/U
$ hg resolve --mark file/marked/as/U
$ hg commit -m "Merge pkgsrc_firefox-29.0.1 branch to 30.0"

Create patch file for patch -p0

$ hg diff -r (revision of first commit in ryoon_freebsd-30.0) | \
sed -e 's!^--- a/!--- !' -e 's!^+++ b/!+++ !' > ~/firefox-30.0.diff
$ vi ~/firefox-30.0.diff
(Remove patch to .hgignore)
(Remove patch to .hgtags)

Create patches/patch-* for pkgsrc/www/firefox

$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox
$ vi Makefile
(Update version)
(Fix WRKSRC variable)
$ make mdi
$ make extract
$ pushd ${WRKOBJDIR}/www/firefox/work/mozilla-beta
$ patch -p0 < ~/firefox-30.0.diff
$ popd
$ mkpatches
$ patchdiff
$ make mps

Test your patches

$ make clean && make package
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