How to install NetBSD/emips-current to Microsoft Giano


Japanese version


How to get softwares

Microsoft Giano

At 2011-02-04, Microsoft Giano Version 3.1 is latest. Download giano.msi file from or

How to get iso image file

Download emipscd.iso from or is suitable for people in Japan

Recently the ISO image is named as NetBSD-7.99.25-emips.iso or so. Be sure to rename it to emipscd.iso.

How to get and select PuTTY

Download putty.exe from Old PuTTY does not support serial connection. Please use latest version.

If you want to use Japanese locale, please use "PuTTY Gottani-ban 0.60", for example. You can download it from


Installing Giano

Follow installer's instruction. You can install Giano under C:\Program Files.

Preparing space for emulated machine

Make c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current directory.

Copying files to c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current directory

There is following 3 files in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Research\Microsoft Giano\tests\eMIPS directory.

Please copy them to c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current.

And downloaded emipscd.iso file should be copied to c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current. Latest boot.emips is included in emipscd.iso. If you can, please use it.

Creating target disk image

If you have installed cygwin or UnxUtils. You can simply use dd command.

Alternatively if you have large files (for example emipscd.iso), You can make target disk image from them.

I do not know target image file should be started by boot.emips or not.

Name of the target disk image is emips3.img.

> cd /d c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current
> copy /bin boot.emips + \somewhere\somethins.img emips3.img

Setting up PuTTY

Select Connection Type as Serial. Input Serial line to \\.\pipe\usart0 Save this setting to "Saved Sessions".

Start emulator machine

Start Giano

> cd /d c:\emul\NetBSD-emips-current
> "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Research\Microsoft Giano\bin\giano.exe" -Platform Ml40x_2ace.plx

If you see "Access to a non-existent memory" dialog box here. You can simply "Ignore" it.

Start PuTTY

Start PuTTY and connect to \\.\pipe\usart0. And click Retry in the dialog box.

Boot from NetBSD/emips iso image

If you see

NetBSD/emips 5.99.45
Default: 0/ace(0,0)/netbsd

then input

boot: 0/ace(1,0)/netbsd

Please select vt110 as terminal type. And sysinst is started.

Installing NetBSD/emips

Please install NetBSD. See

This process consumes your time.



Network device is identified as enic0

# ifconfig enic0 inet netmask 0xffffff00

single user mode

boot: 0/ace(1,0)/netbsd -s


It seems that RTC_OFFSET in kernel config file is not needed. RTC is not accurate.