NetBSD/amiga PCI compatibility guide

This is the compatibility of current development version (HEAD branch), not of any stable release.

Supported PCI bridges

Name Driver I/O space Mem space DMA*
Elbox Mediator 1200 empb yes yes** no
Elbox Mediator 4000 em4k yes yes no
Elbox Mediator ZIV no driver
DCE G-REX 1200 / 4000 p5pb yes yes*** no****
Phase5 CyberVisionPPC/BVisionPPC p5pb yes yes no
Phase5 CyberVision64/3D cv3dpb***** yes yes no
Matay Prometheus mppb yes yes no

* - DMA to host memory, not DMA to graphics card memory.

** - Does not support access through pointer dereference, only through bus_space methods.

*** - There are problems with accessing the ROM of PCI cards.

**** - Implemented but does not work (driver bug?).

***** - No machine independent S3 ViRGE driver yet, please use machine dependent grfcv3d driver instead.

Tested cards

Name Driver Tested with Works?
NE2000 network cards (like RTL8029) ne empb, p5pb, mppb yes
3Dfx Voodoo3 voodoofb empb, p5pb yes*
SATALink 3112 satalink empb yes
ATI Radeon R200 radeonfb p5pb not yet, work in progress
TI TVP4020 Permedia 2 genfb p5pb yes**
Realtek 8139 rtk p5pb, empb no, needs DMA

* - If used with Mediator or Prometheus the card needs initializaion in AmigaOS. X11 is not supported yet.

** - No X11 support yet.