Various GCC/vax issues and invesigation

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libgomp crash with -O2 #58901



cat << EOF > oacc.i
int a, b;
int e() {
  short *c = 0;
  char d = c[a + 1];
  b = d;
  a += 2;
vax--netbsdelf-gcc -O2 -c oacc.i

Asserts at emit-rtl.c:2310 gcc_assert (memory_address_addr_space_p (mode, addr, as));

NetBSD avoids it with a local diff to reload.c/dse.c.
It looks like a real bug in vax_legitimate_address_p not handling some addressing modes.
The code to handle offset(reg)[index] might be off: it doesn't like if neither xfoo0, xfoo1 are constant.

change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:2286 #85152



cat << EOF > oacc.i
void fn2();
unsigned a;
int fn1() {
  int b = a >> 16;
  if (b)
vax--netbsdelf-gcc -O2 -c oacc.i

unrecognizable insn with any optimization



cat << EOF > decl.ii
struct a {
  long long *b() const;
template <typename> class d : a {
  template <typename e> d(e);
  long long f() const;
template <typename c> long long d<c>::f() const {
  int g;
  return b()[g];
int h;
bool i() {
  d<int> j(h);
  return j.f();
vax--netbsdelf-g++ -O2 -c decl.ii

This errors out with:

$ env PATH=$PWD:$PATH ./xgcc -fno-use-linker-plugin -c -O2 ~/oacc/decl.ii -fno-tree-vectorize
/home/fly/oacc/decl.ii: In function 'bool i()':
/home/fly/oacc/decl.ii:17:1: error: unrecognizable insn:
   17 | }
      | ^
(insn 13 12 14 2 (set (reg:SI 33)
        (subreg:SI (mem:DI (plus:SI (mult:SI (reg/v:SI 24 [ g ])
                        (const_int 8 [0x8]))
                    (reg/f:SI 23 [ _6 ])) [1 *_10+0 S8 A32]) 4)) "/home/fly/oacc/decl.ii":16:14 -1
during RTL pass: vregs
/home/fly/oacc/decl.ii:17:1: internal compiler error: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2310

This is in VAX-specific code. We need to figure out what instruction pattern this is, that we're missing.


flag_dwarf2_cfi_asm = 0;

is kind of a big deal. We should probably get rid of it, but binutils hates that.

ld: warning: dynamic relocation to `?' in readonly section `.eh_frame'
ld: warning: dynamic relocation to `?' in readonly section `.eh_frame'
ld: warning: creating a DT_TEXTREL in a shared object
ld: .eh_frame_hdr refers to overlapping FDEs
ld: final link failed: bad value

riscv seemed to share the issue and had fixed it.

review comments

Jeff Law provided some feedback. More of it should be addressed.