wsfb* at pci?

This driver supports some (all?) 3Dlabs Wildcat graphics boards as an unaccelerated framebuffer console in 8 bit colour. It's been tested on ?sparc64 only, with XVR-500 and XVR-1200 boards. Others, like the XVR-600, may or may not work.
Currently it is not possible to run X, mostly because of the insane state we get the hardware in - there are two buffers and WID plane, the WID plane contains garbage so it's unpredictable which pixel is drawn from what buffer and so far nobody could figure out how to access the WID plane. The wcfb driver gets around this by doing every operation on a shadow framebuffer in main memory and then copying the results into both buffers on the graphics board. An ?Xorg driver that does the same has yet to be written.