Sun PGX32

This is a re-badged Tech Source Raptor GFX 8P, which in turn is a bog standard 3D Labs Permedia 2 with Sun firmware in ROM. The board has 8MB RAM and a 33MHz/32bit PCI interface.

OpenFirmware name: TSI,GFXP
Common header:
0x00: 0x00093d3d 0x02900006 0x03800001 0x0000ff00
Vendor Name: 3D Labs (0x3d3d)
Device Name: GLINT Permedia 2V (0x0009)

There is nothing really remarkable about this card, Xorg's ?glint driver Just Works(tm) and the pm2fb driver provides an accelerated console.
The firmware is rather buggy:

There are workarounds in genfb and pm2fb for the first two problems, and pm2fb doesn't depend on firmware calls to access palette registers.