igsfb* at ofbus?
igsfb* at pci?

This is a kernel driver for several IGS graphics chips, namely the 1682 found in the JavaStation 10 and the CyberPro 20x0 family found on ?shark and ?netwinder mainboards. Acceleration is supported for CyberPro chips. The driver supports the usual wscons features like colours, virtual consoles etc. and it accepts mode specifiers via device properties. On ?shark Sun-like mode specifiers can be put into the output-device OpenFirmware variable, machine-dependent code will extract it and pass it to igsfb which will try to switch to this mode. If no mode is specified it will default to 1024x768 in 60Hz. Only modes listed in sys/dev/videomode/modelines can be used.

In order to have a Rev. 5 ?shark switch to 1280x1024 in 60Hz one would:

setenv output-device screen:r1280x1024x60

in OpenFirmware, or something equivalent using the eeprom command.