Fujitsu AG-10e

This is Frankenstein's monster of graphics cards. It's a double-wide, double-decked ?SBus device with three different graphics chips - each with its own memory, a high end RAMDAC and a DSP.
There is:

Evidently there is some sort of SBus-to-PCI bridge on the card, from the graphics chip listed above only the P9100 is known to exist as an ?SBus variant, and even that was probably an in-house hack done by Tadpole. We have a kernel driver for it ( agten at ?sbus ) which uses the I128 to provide an accelerated console and switches to the GLint's 24bit visual when X runs. The ?xf86-video-ag10e driver is mostly glue code to map framebuffer and registers via /dev/fb*, run the ?xf86-video-glint driver's 300SX support and deal with the different DAC.