My own TODO file where I'm trying to keep old things which I would like to see to be done in NetBSD.

Short time goals

  1. Fix disk and pseudo-disk ioctl calls used to get informations about disk partitions
  2. dm device driver rump port [DONE]
  3. update lvm2tools to newer version [DONE]
  4. update zfs code to newer version
  5. Modular improvements
  6. Change way how vnodes are reclaimed to make our vfs much cleaner. [Work in progress]
  7. VN_RELE_ASYNC fix for NetBSD [Work in progress]

Mid time goals

  1. Port crash(8) to other architectures
  2. Write DRBD like device for NetBSD dm
  3. LVM remote replication support
  4. LVM mirror target (taken from raidframe) ?
  5. ZFS Snapshosts support
  6. Change ZFS taskq to NetBSD workqueue in a useable way for ZFS.

Long time goals

  1. Rewrite ddb to be more modular and to be useable as userspace binary, too.
  2. Port Sun Dtrace to NetBSD (Freebsd did that some time ago)
  3. Cluster LVM
  4. Snapshot LVM support