Conflict Resolution

contact point (membership-exec)

If a policy is suspected of being broken, a documentation of the event(s) needs to sent to Membership-Exec is to treat all information in the report as factual, potentially actionable until proven otherwise. It is responsible for preserving the privacy and confidence of all parties and the details to remain within the committee and the Board.

Membership-Exec will form the First Responders Group of two committee members.

The FRG is responsible for maintaining communication with the submitter for further questions, comments, updates, and presenting the resolution to the Membership-exec Committee. The FRG will be charged with quick, time-limited, examining the event and then deciding the process necessary to handle the event. This process can be all-encompassing such as negotiating and resolving disputes between Foundation members, to calling for termination of Foundation membership. This result is brought back to Membership-Exec for action and agreement upon the FRG result.

Should FRG not reach a consensus, and/or the the Membership-Exec not reach a consensus or the action agreed is outside of its powers or abilities, the committee will immediately notify the Board of Directors.

The Board will then decide on the action as a tie-breaker vote to Membership-Exec to complete the action, or the Board will create an ephemeral Policy Action Committee consisting of available non-executive board members and the First Responders Group. The PAC is charged with establishing and clarifying Foundation policy based on this event to solidify the future handling of it reoccurring. The results of this will be brought back to the full Board for a vote to change a policy as well as order it applied to the current event while the notification of the Foundation occurs, per the Foundation Bylaws.

Process Flow:

Event -> Member notifies Membership-Exec

Membership-Exec creates FRG

First Responders Group reports back initial results [ranging from not enough to be actionable to urgently needs to be addressed] to Membership-Exec. If enough data is available for Membership-Exec to make a decision of

Membership-Exec decides if it goes to BOARD

Board of Directors creates Policy Action Committee

Policy Action Committee investigates and returns results to

Full Board