1. Introduction
  2. Fixing the problem
    1. Installing Linux fontconfig
    2. Running fc-cache
    3. If it doesn't work


This problem is most common when someone installs a browser in linux emulation, for example www/opera which is only avalible through linux_compat.

Fixing the problem

The problem is, that the emulated Linux system's font cache is empty, thus you can't use your fonts installed in NetBSD. Its quite easy to fix actualy.

Installing Linux fontconfig

Look for which package you will need:

$ pkgfind fontconfig|grep ^emulators
emulators/suse100_fontconfig: Linux compatibility package for fontconfig
emulators/suse91_fontconfig: Linux compatibility package for fontconfig

You will need emulators/suse100_fontconfig on i386 and suse100_32_fontconfig on amd64 architecture. FIXME

Install it from packages or from pkgsrc. You can find more on installing in the documention or in the wiki.

Running fc-cache

The only thing you have to do after installing it is the following:


It will regenerate the font cache in the compat system.

To ensure fonts have been cached in the compat system, you can use the following command :


You may use your fonts antialiased with linux_compat now

If it doesn't work

Still ugly fonts?

If you use modular xorg, you may also need to link /usr/pkg to /usr/X11R6 :

 ln -s /usr/pkg /usr/X11R6