WebDAV is an abbreviation for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Its commonly just called DAV. WebDAV is an open standard that technically enhances the HTTP/1.1 protocol providing mechanism like write support.

There are many ways to use WebDAV on NetBSD.


  1. Using Gnome
  2. Using KDE
  3. Using www/cadaver
  4. Using filesystems/fuse-wdfs
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Using Gnome

Gnome supports by default webdav mounts.

Using KDE

You can use Konqueror to mount a remote DAV Server.

Using www/cadaver

Another possibility is to install the package www/cadaver. This is a command line tool to access DAV servers.

Using filesystems/fuse-wdfs

With fuse-wdfs you can mount webdav directories and access subversion repositories like a usual mountpoint. fuse(8) requires puffs to be built in your kernel.

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