Asterisk allows you to utilize a NetBSD machine for telephone conversations.

To install asterisk do:

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/comms/asterisk
# make install

To run asterisk during machine start add into rc.local file following:


Configuration files of asterisk are located at:


List of devices which work well with Asterisk under NetBSD:

List of devices which do not work well:

To register each FXO/FXS device in asterisk you should add it into the sip.conf file as follows:


Where [1001] is the number to call this device. Each device may have the appropriate number. After adding devices into the configuration file do reload configuration:

#asterisk -r
CLI> sip reload

To enable dialing of registered devices you should create a basic dialing plan and add this dialing plan into the 'extentions.conf file. For an example like this:

exten => _1001, 1, Dial(SIP/$(EXTEN)@1001, 30, S(600))

After changing the dialing plan reload the extensions:

#asterisk -r
CLI> extensions reload 

See also the asterisk official page.