Showstopper bugs and PRs

Regressions since netbsd-9

PRs worth fixing

Test Regressions since netbsd-9

Some of this issues are older (so "regression" is slightly wrong), but it was necessary to disable tests to not break whole test setups. This are likely effects caused by bugs in the tests or RUMP, so not considered show stoppers.

Ongoing projects and unmerged branches

Current status and timeline

Last Test Results overview

For all tests, see releng's tests page.

Test Last checked StatusLast full test runComments
XEN, i386 and amd64 2021-02-27 10 failures
amd64, qemu, official b5 runs 2021-03-01 22 failures
evbarm64el-aarch64, real hardware 2021-02-27 26 failures
evbearmv7hfeb, real hardware 2021-03-01 28 failures
i386, qemu, official b5 runs 2021-03-01 38 failures
sparc64, real hardware 2021-02-17 37 failures all wg(4) tests fail due to mbuf pool memory corruption
evbarmv5, real hardware 2021-03-01 64 failuresuserland watchdog starvation
PR 55272
sparc64, qemu, low memory 2021-02-26 431 failures
landisk, SH4, real hardware, low memory 2021-03-01 132 failures2021-01-05pagedeamon lockups
PR 55491