IMPORTANT: This project was completed by Chuck Silvers. You may still contact the people above for details, but please do not submit an application for this project.

The ZFS port to NetBSD is half-done, or maybe more than half. Finish it and get it really running.

Now, OpenZFS is the main location of ZFS in the Free Software community, and supports FreeBSD, Illumos, Linux and Mac. Probably the right approach is to get the most recent OpenZFS working with NetBSD. This could either be via pkgsrc or via importing and reachover makefiles. The hard part is probably in the ZFS/NetBSD kernel interface bits.

Current state of ZFS (as of 8.99.37):


Not yet working:

I was wondering if this project was finished or not as I am really interested in working on this project. Please reply to this comment as soon as possible.
Comment by Sanchit in the wee hours of Sunday night, July 28th, 2014

It is not finished. Ask on tech-kern for more information about the current state.

Comment by dholland terribly early Friday morning, August 22nd, 2014