Initial support was added to NetBSD -current for Apple M1 systems on Aug 30, 2021.


Please note that installation on an Apple M1 requires macOS 11.2 or later to be installed first.

Supported hardware

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Add some missing barriers:

Support EL2 host mode:

Add 10-bit pixel format support:

Fix bus_dmamap_sync usage in bge(4):

Fix PCI resource allocation:

Disable dwc3 when iommu support is required:

Do not touch CNTCTL_IMASK in generic timer driver:

Fix incorrect KASSERT in cpu_lwp_fork:

Add IOMMU support to arm bus_dma:

Identify M1 CPU IDs:

Support 64-bit cpu-release-addr for spin-table:

Add support for FIQs:

Initial Apple M1 support:

Make scheduler aware of efficiency and performance cores: