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About NetBSD/algor

NetBSD/algor is the port of NetBSD to the Algorithmics, Ltd. MIPS evaluation boards. Algorithmics was a long-time supplier of MIPS evaluation/prototyping products and expertise.

Algorithmics boards include PCI and PC-like on-board peripherals, and have a CPU daughtercard, allowing the user to evaluate a variety of MIPS CPUs.

Algorithmics boards include the PMON boot monitor/debugger. PMON is able to load the NetBSD kernel over the Centronics port (in S-record format) or over the network (in ELF format) using BOOTP/TFTP.

Algorithmics boards can generally be run in big- or little-endian mode, although NetBSD/algor currently only supports little-endian.

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The NetBSD/algor mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to algor machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

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