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  1. Synopsis
  2. Preparations
    1. pkgsrc
    2. Patches
    3. Compiler
    4. Bootstrap
  3. Audio
  4. See also


HP-UX is a version of Unix for HP's PA-RISC and Integrity line of servers and workstations. HP-UX 11.x versions are pretty well supported by pkgsrc and it's also quite usable on 10.20.



Simply download the pkgsrc snapshot tarball as you would do on other architectures. You can also use CVS if its avalible.

XXX TODO: explain in pkgsrc page and link to there.


Read Readme.HPUX for the required patches and prerequisites.


You will need a compiler which can be HP's ANSI C/C++ compiler or GCC, which is availible from HP or other third parties.


Bootstrapping is done the usual way.

CC=path_to CXX=path_to ./bootstrap --abi 32 --compiler gcc

XXX TODO: explain in pkgsrc page and link to there.


Audio playback works pretty well on Series 700 workstations through HP Audio and esound.

You will need to install the following depot beforehand:

B6865AAA -- HP Audio Clients for Series 700 - English 

You can also use libao-esd with packages which support libao.

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