Open Sound System for NetBSD

This page shows the progress of the porting of OSSv4 to NetBSD.


It's not known if anyone is continuing to work on a native port of OSSv4, but this page is kept for archival purposes.

NetBSD 10 should have greater compatibility with OSSv4 via the userspace translation layer ossaudio(3), and the native audio system audio(4) is still preferred.


The current version is v4.2 (hg-889)



What works?

Loading osscore.kmod works. Loading virtal drivers work.

No functional testing has been done yet.

Who is working on it?


Where to get it?

You will need devel/mercurial and lang/gawk and devel/gmake to build it.

Browse online:

To get it:

hg clone

How to build it?

I use this to build modules:

rm -rf /tmp/ossbuild
mkdir /tmp/ossbuild
cd /tmp/ossbuild


gmake build

cd prototype/usr/lib/oss/build/