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Contact: tech-kern Add memory-efficient snapshots to tmpfs. A snapshot is a view of the filesystem, frozen at a particular point in time. The snapshotted filesystem is not frozen, only the view is. That is, you can continue to read/write/create/delete files in the snapshotted filesystem. The interface to snapshots may resemble the interface to null mounts, e.g., 'mount -t snapshot /var/db /db-snapshot' makes a snapshot of /var/db/ at /db-snapshot/. You should exploit features of the virtual memory...
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blog/Unbloating the VAX install CD
A recent discussion on the port-vax mailing list brought a problem with the default installation method (when booting from CD, which typically is the easiest way) to my attention: it would not work on machines with 16 MB RAM or less. So, can we do better? Looking at the size of a GENERIC kernel: text data bss dec hex filename 2997389 67748 173044 3238181 316925 netbsd it seems we can not easily go below 4 MB (and for other reasons we would need to compile the bootloader differently...
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Contact: tech-kern Duration estimate: 2 months Add per-user memory usage limits (also known as "quotas") to tmpfs, using the existing quota system infrastructure. ...
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tutorials/how to install a server with a root lfs partition
In this article I will explain, step by step, how to install a NetBSD server with a root LFS partition. Contents Foreword Since LFS is considered experimental, it is highly advised to test this setup on a testbed / Virtual Machine. Use at your own risk. In this setup, the server will solely run under LFS without any FFS partitions. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this task. This is how I do it. What is LFS LFS is an implementation of a log-structured file system. For example Sun's ZFS is a log-structured...
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Contact: tech-kern, David Holland Duration estimate: 2-3 months kernfs is a virtual file system that reports information about the running system, and in some cases allows adjusting this information. procfs is a virtual file system that provides information about currently running processes. Both of these file systems work by exposing virtual files containing textual data. The current implementations of these file systems are redundant and both are non-extensible. For example, kernfs is a hardcoded table...
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tutorials/how to run netbeans ide on netbsd
Contents Introduction Netbeans, along with Eclipse, is one of the most widely used Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment), also capable of Ruby and C/C++ development. The purpose of this document is to describe the steps needed to run Netbeans 6.0 on a NetBSD system, using Linux Java Virtual Machine and Linux compatibility mode. Downloading Netbeans The latest version of Netbeans may be downloaded from here. We will be using version 6. After having downloaded file, we compare the...
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UEFI-Boot, GPT and raidframe I have a new machine that wants to boot UEFI, and it has two disks that I want to mirror. I have booted NetBSD-8.0_BETA-amd64-uefi-install.img off a USB stick, and went from sysinst to shell. This implies I have tools and sets (in /amd64/binary/sets) locally, and a /targetroot directory. Several config files need to be created; I show them as "cat > file" because that shows what goes in there but by all means use a proper editor if you can't use cut+paste. UEFI does not use...
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This page contains the list of all available projects, broken by topic and difficulty. The topics are as follows: File system / storage projects Easy fallocate for FFS Medium Buffer queue coalescing and splitting Semantics of .. Defragmentation for FFS Discard for FFS Flash translation layer Apple ISO9660 extensions Rewrite kernfs and procfs Add directory notify to kqueue Quotas for LFS Make MAXPHYS dynamic (underway; stalled) Kernel plugins for FS policy logic (research)...
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Contact: tech-kern, tech-embed Duration estimate: 2-3 months Add support to UVM to allow processes to map pages directly from underlying objects that are already mapped into memory: for example, files in tmpfs; files in mfs; and also files on memory-mapped storage devices, like raw flash chips or experimental storage-class memory hardware. This allows accesses (most notably, execution of user programs) to go directly to the backing object without copying the pages into main system memory. (Which in turn...
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Contact: tech-userlevel Mentors: Kamil Rytarowski Duration estimate: 3 months Find and execute benchmarks of various kernel features and userland libraries on NetBSD (installed natively). Check the scaling issue over multiple CPUs. Prepare new benchmarks for untested subsystems like tmpfs performance. Compare the results with FreeBSD and Linux. Milestones: Prepare the environment (native NetBSD installation) and install benchmarking tools. Collect the results of benchmarks (modes: 1-CPU,...
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