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 ## NFS  ## NFS
 zfs filesystems are reported to be exportable over NFS.  zfs filesystems can be exported via NFS, simply by placing them in
   /etc/exports like any other filesystem.
 The "zfs share" command adds a line to /etc/zfs/exports, and "zfs  The "zfs share" command adds a line for each filesystem with the
 unshare" removes it.  sharenfs property set to /etc/zfs/exports, and "zfs unshare" removes
   it.  \todo Explain if /etc/zfs/exports is used and whether this makes
 \todo Explain how /etc/zfs/exports is used.  any sense on NetBSD.
 This is reported to work on 9.0 STABLE, but to cause a panic on  On current as of 20210214, a remote mkdir of a filesystem mounted via
 current (20200302).  See [misc/55042](http://gnats.netbsd.org/55042).  -maproot=0:10 causes a kernel NULL pointer dereference.  This is now
   understood and expected to be fixed very soon.  See
 ## zvol  ## zvol

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