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Wrap lines. Demonstrate a page title containing spaces and capital
letters.  Provide instructions for non-developers. Note that saving
a web edit results in a commit.

#### Getting access

7. Developer? [[Set a password|kerberos/password]]. Non-developer?
[[Tell us your OpenID|register]].

#### Creating page "Foo Bar"

The WikiWay: make a WikiLink to `\[[Foo Bar]]`, then follow the

To create a page _before_ linking to it, use the _New_ link
in the upper right corner. (It takes you to [[new page]]).

#### Editing page "Foo Bar"

Use the _Edit_ link in the upper right corner. For markup advice
while editing, see the _FormattingHelp_ link at bottom. Or cheat:
use the _Source_ link (upper right) on a page that does what you

When you save, your changes are committed to `wikisrc`, and the
pages affected by your edit are automatically regenerated. Your
change will be displayed in [[RecentChanges]] as type _web_.

#### Previewing your changes

Use the _Preview_ button at bottom.

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