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1.1     ! wiki        1: Discovered while trying to debug a template of [[plunky]]'s:
        !             2: 
        !             3: When web-editing a template, clicking "Save Page" always results in ikiwiki thinking a page-editing conflict occurred. It's not related to HTML::Template tags, because I can put a template's contents into some other page, verbatim, with no errors.
        !             4: 
        !             5: Joey and I can't reproduce with a git-backed wiki. It's probably a bug with the CVS backend. He suggests two possibilities: 
        !             6: 
        !             7: 7. `cvs commit` is really failing
        !             8: 7. `rcs_commit` does not return `undef` when it does `return unless cvs_is_controlling`
        !             9: 
        !            10: > Something odd happened to me just now, web-editing [[hook up wiki commits to www-changes@]] with SPNEGO. I added a line, clicked Preview, then clicked Save Page and got the spurious conflict. However, after clicking Cancel, the edit was indeed there. This may or may not be the same problem.
        !            11: 
        !            12: >> And the same thing happened to the above edit. Now trying `kdestroy` and plain HTTP auth.
        !            13: 
        !            14: >>> There were two reasons `cvs update` wasn't silent: the `blog` directory where ikiwiki's aggregator stashes blog entries, and a "note" template marked for Add but not yet added. I've added the former to `.cvsignore` and committed the latter. Will this web edit be spurious conflict-free?
        !            15: 
        !            16: >>>> Yes, it was. That narrows it down a bit for when I've got time to fix this properly. --[[schmonz]]

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