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Mon Dec 8 14:21:52 2014 UTC (7 years, 8 months ago) by schmonz
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xref requester, previous request, what little upstream discussion I can find

## Must-have before "release"

* `jdf`'s top 3 (XXX inline these from `schmonz`'s notes)
* When I want to link the `wsdisplay` subsection, I have to use the
  anchor `#index1h3`. Is it possible (as with file name normalisation)
  to link `#wsdisplay` instead? (see [[make toc anchor urls permanent]])
* enable the TOC by default on every wiki page, e.g., three levels
  deep? Maybe also with a macro to disable it.
* people think they should use capital letters to title a page, but
  really they should use lowercase and set fancy titles with \[[!meta]]
    * short-term: make the CGI edit form tell people to lcase
    * sane approach: keep the pre-commit hook, teach ikiwiki CGI
      to reject filenames matching a configurable pattern at
      page-create time
    * `wiki_file_{chars,regexp}` already exists -- is it the answer?
    * tried replacing the entire default setting with `z`
    * rebuilt the wiki, all filenames bad, empty wiki
    * restored default, replaced `[:alnum:]` with `[:lower:][:digit:]`
    * rebuilt the wiki, aggregated blog posts were bad filenames
    * in the CGI, '?Projects' led to `__80__rojects`, which is gross
    * in the CGI, blog postform let me create a capitalized filename
    * summary: some unexpected side effects, and not all the desired effects
* it should be impossible to add pages whose names differ only by
  case (for OS X, Cygwin, etc.)
* web-adding a page with capital letters fails and breaks web-editing
  until an admin {re,}moves the staged-to-be-added file
* staged-to-be-added files that can't be committed during a web-edit
  show up get reported as "conflicts" even though there are no conflicts
  or conflict markers
* at least understand whether there are bugs in web comments:
    * ones needing moderation are duplicated (temporarily?)
    * first one on a page not always added to CVS control?
* now `schmonz` is comfortable removing the "not ready, stay away"
  notice from the front page (once he's comfortable removing it)
* correct issue with login prompt being triggered from non-ssl page


## Nice-to-have after "release"

* autolink manpage references
* title should be set by the first header
* <> can't load the CSS from `http://` (at least in the CGI)
* hey, so non-developers should be able to contribute somehow
* pkgwiki needs commits mailed to `www-changes`
* pkgwiki shouldn't be separate from wiki
* pkgsrcCon site shouldn't be separate from pkgwiki
* automatically link manpage references, e.g. dump(8).
* use a nicer template, e.g. that of the pkgsrc website.
* www shouldn't be separate from wiki
* `cvsps` dumps core
* arrange to not need `cvsps` or `File::ReadBackwards`
* cvs bugs when not using NetBSD `commit_prep` (NetBSD not affected)

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