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Mixed-case filenames (which mean mixed-case URLs) have been fixed
in the repository while it's still young and a little wild. HTTP
redirects keep the old mixed-case URLs working. This commit uses
[[!meta title]] to set the page titles back exactly as they were.
commit_prep will prevent further mixed-case filenames from being

    1: [[!meta title="set up Kerberos for web logins"]]
    3: To provide unified authentication across web (and conceivably other) applications, we want Kerberos.
    5: * Kerberos server
    6: * web host talking to it
    7: * Apache + mod_auth_kerb (or else mod_auth_pam)
    8: * procedure for a developer to set new Kerberos password
    9: * developers: set password to gain wiki edit access!
   11: [[tls]] and [[schmonz]] have satisfactorily Kerberized monitor. [[wiki/todo/done]]
   13: [[!tag kerberos]]

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